About the books

The Rona is a term used often when discussing "The Corona Virus" or Covid19 amongst friends and family in the black community. Asha V. Ntim wrote this book to raise awareness about Covid19 and it's symptoms, She wanted to tell her personal story about contracting and fighting the disease.

This book was written while she was in the hospital. It is written from the perspective of a person who currently has the disease.

The book is written in simple children's book form as Asha V. Ntim often likes to tell stories. 
This is a must read for children to shed light and help dispel fear and misinformation about the disease. 
My Hair is Magic is a celebration of kinky, coily, ethnic African hair. Asha Ntim had a difficult relationship with her hair growing up. She was bullied and made fun of because of her "nappy" hair. Turning the "hair trauma" into triumph, the author celebrates the hair that she has. 

The purpose of this book is for girls and women of African decent to learn to love and care for the hair they were born with and realizing that their hair is good hair.

"Pretty. For a Dark Girl," is a love letter to black girls. The term "pretty for dark girl" is a back handed compliment rooted in colorism. It is meant to say that someone is pretty in spite of their dark skin. This has been said time and time again to black girls and women. 

This book celebrates the melanin in our skin. It offers advice, encouragement and positive perspective of blackness. Every dark brown girl should have this book in her collection. The illustrations and text make it a book for all ages.

The Dark Brown Girl's book of affirmations is a list of positive self talk to recite daily. Though these affirmations are universal, Asha Ntim wanted to make sure that brown girls specifically have affirmations to help build their confidence in a society that constantly sends us messages that we are not enough.

This was the book that started the Dark Brown Girl Collection and the Chrysalis Program. The students, staff, and parents recite the book of affirmations each Saturday Session and at events.