Asha V. Ntim started the Chrysalis Program after self-publishing a book series called, The DARK Brown Girl. The series was written to build the confidence of African American girls and women. Emails, messages and letters poured in about girls who didn't love themselves, were being bullied or had attempted suicide due to a severe lack of confidence.

The Chrysalis Program was created as a safe place to learn the skill of self-confidence in a fun interactive and safe environment. We soon found that the community needed more than a confidence boost. Issues such as: pediatric asthma and diabetes, violence in the home and in our communities, and childhood trauma needed to be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Our students needed to leave our program not only with better confidence, improved behavior, and higher academic achievements, but with healthier minds and a long-lasting positive lifestyle.

Since launching our program, August 2016, the Chrysalis Program has served 618 students during Saturday Sessions, 1,264 students in school workshops (in person and virtually), and 63 parents during parent classes and workshops. 92% of students who have participated in Chrysalis workshops have reported a significant increase of self-confidence. 87% of students report a decrease in depression symptoms. 89% of Chrysalis students have reported improved grades since joining the organization.

Saturday Sessions

For the past 7 years each of our Saturday Sessions have begun with breakfast, a STEM workshop, an icebreaker, and affirmations. Students attend age appropriate Social Emotional and Wellness classes that have an elements of creative arts and life skills. Parents join our Parent Instructor to learn, grow, and heal together. After classes are complete, all come together for enjoy a hot lunch and fellowship. Saturday Sessions are available during the Spring and Fall semesters. Enrichment field trips in lieu of Saturday Session take place on occasion to better support the topic for the month. Register for Fall, today!


The Chrysalis Program offers a safe, impactful and fun summer of adventures to the next generation of leaders in the Chicagoland area. Summer camp will feature creative arts projects, interactive life skill workshops, wellness Wednesdays, and plenty of sunshine, nature, and adventures in hidden gems in the Chicagoland area. 

Chrysalis Annual Retreat

In 2022, forty plus students attended our annual retreat.
Our Annual Retreat has always been the highlight of the Chrysalis Program schedule and this last year did not disappoint!

The glamping retreat begins with manicures, pedicures and facials for our girls. Next, they enjoy dinner and campfire fun.
Saturday morning participants enjoyed yoga, breakfast, and a nature hike.
After the hike, our participants took a mental wellness workshop with, therapist, Celestine Clark.
Afterward, there was plenty of outdoor play.
We made calming jars.
Then, there was an art workshop and snow cones with amazing artist, Meosha Thomas of Local Color Art Studio.
Next there was a drum circle, jump rope, musical chairs, and outdoor fun to be enjoyed by all.
We had a guided night hike, a barbecue, and campfire to close out the night.
The next morning, we enjoyed breakfast and participants received gift bags to take home.

The annual retreat combines nature, pampering, excellent culinary choices, campfire treats and stories, rock climbing, hiking, crafts, and wellness workshops.
It is an all-inclusive experience that participants never forget.