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Nonprofit Director, Mentor, & Author, Asha V. Ntim, wows crowds as a motivational speaker, instructor,  and panelist on silencing negative self talk, taking the leap of empowerment, and manifesting destiny. 

Asha V. Ntim is both the Founder/ Executive Director of The Chrysalis Program and the Author & Illustrator of The D.A.R.K. Brown Girl Collection. After over 10 years of working in a corporate setting, Asha V. Ntim pursued her Master's full time. Upon completing her Master's degree, her passion for empowering her young daughters inspired her to begin writing children's books for little African American girls. The D.A.R.K. Brown Girl Collection celebrates the uniqueness of black girls and uplifts them in ways that no other children's book can.

Asha V. Ntim continues to be a fearless leader prepared to improve the state of "Black America" by impacting its daughters.


Uplifting spirits and motivating action, Asha is the perfect choice for corporate conferences, nonprofits and educational settings. 
Asha believes that mentoring youth and creating opportunities for women helps to eliminate long term effects of trauma in our communities. By empowering women and girls we build a stronger, more stable future, reduce violence in our communities and help rebuild the family unit.

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