Website Design
Graphic Design
Virtual Tutorial

On Asha Ntim's website, discover her expertise as a Web Designer where she crafts and constructs the interface, navigation, and visual appeal of websites for diverse businesses and clients.

Asha strategically plans, develops, and codes internet sites, seamlessly integrating text with multimedia elements like sounds, images, graphics, and video clips.

Her proficiency extends to not only designing and structuring websites but also providing tutorials on maintaining regular updates. Whether you're seeking a simple website or a more complex design, Asha offers her services at affordable rates, with costs typically ranging from $300 to $500 for basic website construction. Explore the world of web design with Asha Ntim to enhance your online presence.

Delve into Asha Ntim's Graphic Design services, where she crafts compelling visual concepts through computer software, communicating ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Specializing in developing layouts and production designs for diverse mediums like advertisements, brochures, and magazines, Asha brings creativity to life.

Asha's process involves:

Studying design briefs and defining project requirements.
Strategically scheduling projects within budget constraints.
Conceptualizing visuals aligned with specific requirements.
Presenting rough drafts to convey creative ideas effectively.
Crafting illustrations, logos, and other designs using both software and hand techniques.
Embark on your graphic design journey with Asha Ntim, where simple design commissions start at $150 and vary based on the complexity of the project. Elevate your visual communication with Asha's innovative and client-centric approach.

Participate in a virtual workshop led by Asha Ntim, where she imparts valuable insights on building and designing your website or harnessing the creative power of Canva for vibrant graphic designs.

Enroll in this instructional session for $150 per class and unlock the skills to bring your digital vision to life.

**Please note that the webhost used has an annual fee of $168-$276 pending the plan you choose. That fee needs to be paid to launch the website and is separate from my fee.**
Career Coaching

Asha Ntim is not only the visionary Founder of the Chrysalis Program but also serves as a dedicated Career Coach. With a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their professional goals, Asha brings a wealth of experience and guidance to help others navigate their career paths with confidence and purpose. Through personalized coaching, she combines her commitment to personal development with a focus on creating meaningful and fulfilling career journeys for her clients.

Academic Coaching

Asha Ntim, Founder of the Chrysalis Program, extends her commitment to empowerment by serving as an Academic Coach. With a keen understanding of the diverse barriers that can hinder students from reaching their academic potential, Asha employs social-emotional coaching to identify and address these obstacles. By fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, she guides students towards overcoming challenges, unlocking their true capabilities, and achieving academic success. Asha's approach goes beyond traditional coaching, focusing on holistic development to empower students in both their academic and personal growth.