Empowering the Masses through Teaching Self Confidence and Compassion

The D.A.R.K. Brown Girl Collection

The Dark Brown Girl Collection, written and illustrated by Asha V. Ntim is essentially a love letter to African American girls. The collection highlights the beauty and uniqueness of their features and attributes.

Key Note Speaking

Asha V. Ntim is a thought-provoking, transparent and energizing speaker. Conversations with Asha revolve around:
• Self Esteem/Confidence

•Naming Ourselves 
• Empathy
• Gratitude 

• Emotional Intelligence

• Conflict Resolution/Organizational Change

The Chrysalis Program Workshops

The Chrysalis Program is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that teaches self-love, accountability, and practical life skills through interactive, character building workshops. The 6-10 week program offers affirmations, journaling, role playing and social emotional learning.